Release. Connect and Move stagnant energy through breath movement meditations.

After a decade of diving deep down into my own embodiment, sexuality, pleasure and full authentic self I have developed a methodology  that will help you fully connect with you body, discovering  the vastest of your sexuality and diving deep into the parts of yourself that feel hidden or lost.



Artist. Guide. Certified Tantric Breathwork 

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Since I was young I felt very in touch with my sexuality, but as I grew older, certain life expertises made me disconnect from my body my sexuality and myself. After a long journey of not only accepting my body  but truly living in it, I understood the need to reconnect with the life force that is our sexuality and our pleasure. As a latina  I understands how taboo the conversation of sexuality is in ur culture. I know the importance of having open conversations, reclaiming our pleasure and our bodies.

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I'm a mother of two small children. For the last 6 years, my body has been gift to birth, breastfeed and hold my sons. It's a 24 hour a day job as my boys are not great sleepers. However, when I saw the description of this workshop, I knew it was time. Time to reclaim my body for my sexuality. It was a fight with myself to say it was okay and to put the time aside. Once I did, after the first session, I knew... I knew with every part of my being that my body, my breasts, my arms, my sexuality were still there and very much alive. After week two, the tools I learned brought fire into my sex life. This workshop was not geared towards that. It was simply because I myself felt sexually empowered and allowed myself to focus on my breathe and my body... it was only natural that it led to firey moments with my husband. The women I openly shared with created a safe space for me to be vulnerable, wild and free



Every week, as we explored our sexual energy, I felt completely alive, all my senses were awakened and I felt a huge vitality and excitement for the rest of the day, and every day after when I practiced the meditations taught in class. 

I experienced a glowing mix of pleasure and peace in my body. I remembered what it is to feel safe in my own body and the freedom that comes from all of the above! In those states I made brave choices that changed my life for the better. 

I recommend this to every single human being on the planet. Virginia is pure light, she is very dedicated to the mastery of tapping into one's sexual energy. She holds a safe space for the group, and makes it so much fun.  She is truly empowering to everyone around her. 

This course will blow your mind!



Thank you for the incomparable Virginia Novello for such a extraordinary series. Practicing Tantra in a safe, intimate space alongside extraordinary women's changed my life. I can't wait to explore my sexuality even more

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