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Reclaim your Sexuality
Embody your Power 

Release * Breath * Connect * Move 

After a decade of diving deep down into my own embodiment, sexuality, pleasure and full authentic self, I have developed a methodology that will help you fully connect with your body. Discover the vastness of your sexuality and dive deep into the parts of yourself that feel hidden or lost.


About Me

As a multifaceted embodiment guide and certified Tantric teacher, I embody a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Born from my own experiences as a Latina woman, I navigated a path toward embracing my body, recognizing its innate beauty, and understanding the sacred connection between sexuality and life force energy.

My evolution into an embodiment guide was catalyzed by a deep understanding of the societal taboos surrounding discussions of sexuality. Recognizing the pervasive silence and shame that often shroud these topics, I embarked on a mission to initiate open and honest dialogues. Through my compassionate approach, I seek to dismantle barriers and foster a safe space where individuals can explore and reclaim their pleasure and bodily autonomy.

"It is a revolutionary act to be embodied and connected in a world which messaging is to disassociate"  




Touching the Surface



Making Peace
with my Body 


Valeria Gonzales  (Spain) 

Alison Flanagan 

Thank you so much for sharing and guiding us into a magical realm of healing and connection to self. It was truly the catalyst that I was looking for. A first step to get my body and soul to slowly awaken in order to find a path of becoming more conscious and connect to my intuition. 

Johana ( Mexico) 

I'm a mother of two small children. For the last 6 years, my body has been gift to birth, breastfeed and hold my sons. It's a 24 hour a day job. It was a fight with myself to say it was okay and to put the time aside. Once I did, after the first session, I knew... I knew with every part of my being that my body, my breasts, my arms, my sexuality were still there and very much alive. After week two, the tools I learned brought fire into my sex life. This workshop was not geared towards that. It was simply because I myself felt sexually empowered and allowed myself to focus on my breathe and my body... it was only natural that it led to firey moments with my husband. The women I openly shared with created a safe space for me to be vulnerable, wild and free

Thank you for the incomparable Virginia Novello for such a extraordinary series. Practicing Tantra in a safe, intimate space alongside extraordinary women's changed my life. I can't wait to explore my sexuality even more 

I experienced a glowing mix of pleasure and peace in my body. I remembered what it is to feel safe in my own body and the freedom that comes from all of the above!  I recommend this to every single human being on the planet. Virginia is pure light, she is very dedicated to the mastery of tapping into one's sexual energy. She holds a safe space for the group, and makes it so much fun.  She is truly empowering to everyone around her. 

This course will blow your mind!

Marta C. (L.A) 

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